Happy New Year!

Hello folks.
Happy new year to you all (well, the ones who read this blog anyway…)!
After a fairly quiet Christmas period it’s time once again to spring into action and get stuck in to what may well prove to be a busy spell (my god…!).
I’m gonna be out and about with Beth doing a few one offs and starting out at her new residency at Cherry Jam on Porchester Road (www.cherryjam.net). Clare is soon to commence her busy touring schedule for 2008 and Maggie has got a bunch of shows lined up for the Spring in Germany and Scandinavia, I’ll post them when they’re all confirmed.
One little bit of exciting news (for me anyway), after much to-ing and fro-ing, Paul Eldridge and I have managed to revive our residency at PJ’s in Covent Garden (Wellington St, opposite The Lion King). We did this gig for years every Thursday night at 10.30, but it folded when the management changed. After a few odd gigs there over the last year, we have persuaded them to take us back on every week. So if you’re knocking about town in the wee small hours of a Thursday night, do drop in and say hello.

PJ's, Covent Garden

Also just got through a promo copy of Chris Difford’s new album ‘The Last Temptation of Chris” (great title!) which we recorded last year. Sounds bloody marvelous so keep your eyes peeled for that one: should be out some time in April. I’ll tell you nearer the time ‘cos you’re bound to forget…
Happy days.
See you soon.