Testing the water…

Hello folks.

Now, firstly an apology for not updating the blog for a while now. I’ve been all over the place with Duke Special, The Duckworth Lewis Method and Clare Teal and haven’t had much time for bloggery. I’ve also been spending a lot more time working on the solo bass project, which is really starting to come together now.

Anyway, this post is really just a tester to see whether my Feedburner rss feed is still working. A couple of days ago I started putting together a ‘proper’ website, ie: somewhere I can tie together all my various online odds and ends and focus on the blog (and my solo music when it’s ready for public consumption!). This has meant that I’ve just transferred my original feed from the old Blogger site to my new address at WordPress, but I’ve had a few technical issues.

Basically, if you’re already subscribed you should receive this okay. If so, and if you wouldn’t mind, drop a comment to say hello on the original post and let m know how you subscribe (ie: via email, Google Reader etc).

Of course, if it hasn’t worked, nobody is going to see this anyway and I shall bang my head against the wall for a little longer.


Simon x

11 Responses to “Testing the water…”

  • Katy Says:

    Hello! I just saw this on Facebook.. didn’t get an email and am subscribed, but not sure how I am? xxx

    • Simon Little Says:

      Hmm.. Something went beserk with the Facebook Networked Blogs application and it suddenly published all my old posts as if they were new ones.
      @solobasssteve tipped me off on Twitter when it happened so everyone didn’t see my new site before it was ready, but guessing it’s all too late for that by now anyway!
      It’ll probably take a little while (maybe even a few hours?!) before Feedburner sends the post out via email and to the Feed readers, but really not sure.
      Don’t you normally get my blog posts in your email? xxx

  • Katy Says:

    Yes, usually to my email but have nothing yet. Going to bed now, will call! xxx

  • Steve Says:

    Got this on my GReader feed. Looking forward to some new solo stuff

    • Simon Little Says:

      Thanks Steve. Looks like Feedburner sent out all my old blog posts at once last night as if they were new, so sorry if it looked like I was spamming!!
      But at least the feed definitely works now.
      Going full steam ahead on the solo bass project next week in an attempt to get it all finished ready for mastering to tape (oh yeah!). Really want to have it ready for the autumn so fingers crossed. Might post a few ‘alternate takes’ on my Soundcloud page, so keep your eyes peeled! It all sounds very different to the podcast tracks..

      • Steve Says:

        No worries about the flood of old posts. That happens with a lot of sites when they tweak something.

        I’ll keep an eye on Soundcloud. I’ve been posting some of my own experiments there. Still a beginner when it comes to recording.

  • Mike Farley Says:

    Hi Simon – picked this up on Google Reader – no problems… even the stats look as if they’ve picked up on both the Blogger blog and the WordPress one, and somehow conflated the two. Nice!

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