Feature from notreble.com, by Kevin Johnson

I thought I’d share with you an article on my new album from the wonderful notreble.com. I was contacted by Kevin Johnson who asked a few questions and posted this lovely little write-up. I’ve had lots of great feedback on the album via Twitter. Many of you are asking about the physical CD, which I’m working on right now. Had a photo shoot on Monday with my friend Ary Vidot and have decided on which company to use for replication. I’ll be having the CD produced in ‘Ecopaks’ made from 100% recycled card and no plastic parts so the packaging will be as green as possible. Hoping to get the run in production whilst I’m in China next week with Duke Special. Anyway, here’s the article…

Simon Little Releases New Solo Project

By Kevin Johnson

Bassist/composer Simon Little has released a new solo bass album, Mandala. The ten tracks on the album are all live improvisations, utilizing the Looperlative LP1 looper.

“When I was 17 I was listening to the Weather Report live album 8:30 and heard Jaco perform his solo live-looping piece ‘Slang’, it changed the way I thought about playing the bass and so began my obsession with making music using the bass as a solo instrument,” Little explains.

Simon used his Warwick Thumb VI throughout the album, as well as a slew of effects pedals, including a Lexicon MPX G2, Boss Super Octave, DD-6, and EMMA DiscumBOBulator. He also tracked the project by himself, but has advice for all the do-it-yourselfers out there.

“Having the album professionally mastered made such a difference to the sound and was an incredibly important stage in the process. I would recommend anyone starting out with DIY recording to look into professional mastering if they can. And I cannot recommend Bandcamp.com enough. It has allowed me to get my album out independently on my own schedule and the site is so user-friendly and above all, honest.”

Preview Mandala

Visit Simon Little at his website to download the album.

Mandala Track Listing:
1. One man’s ceiling is another man’s floor
2. West of Eden
3. Sometimes it rains in august
4. Calling out
5. Gil’s glass harmonica
6. The happy wanderer
7. Light & shade
8. Ohm is where the art is
9. The redemptive powers of temporary insanity
10. …And then suddenly nothing happened