Timelapse Is Out Now!

Hello folks,

My brand new Monochrome Echo mini-album Timelapse is officially out now on Bandcamp.

This is the sister release to The Forgetting which came out a week ago and follows on directly where that album left off.

These are the first all-hardware recordings I’ve released, both albums being almost exclusively recorded on the Elektron Digitone and Analog Four. There is a smidge of Moog Sirin in there too. The album features artwork by the amazing Cristian Eres and Timelapse features the bonus track Hourglass with the digital download.

I really hope you enjoy this new music and thanks again for all your support. Special thanks to everyone who has already purchased their copy of The Forgetting and those of you that recently bought the full back catalogue. I’m currently offering a 35% discount for the full set which now includes five albums and three EPs.

You can check out Timelapse below.

Simon x