Mar 20 2020

Today is Unofficially Bandcamp Day!

Hello folks,

As we all sit at home in these strange and uncertain times it’s been great to see so much positivity in the music world. Artists are live-streaming gigs and jams from home and several music software companies are doing great deals and freebies to help those artists make the best of this time of self-isolation.

Today the wonderful people at Bandcamp are waiving all their fees so all the money from all music you purchase today on Bandcamp goes straight to the artist.

Now it goes without saying that there is a plethora of awesome music out there right now and I’ve already bought a couple of albums this morning safe in the knowledge that I’m supporting those artists in as direct as way possible right now. I’ve posted link on my Monochrome Echo Twitter.

So today would be a most excellent time for you to purchase some Monochrome Echo records too! I’ve reinstated the 50% discount for anyone buying the complete back catalogue for the foreseeable future whilst all this chaos continues. You can find all my albums at

Here’s the latest album Matrix Rebooting to give you a taster…

Stay safe and well folks.

Jul 19 2019

New Monochrome Echo album Matrix Rebooting out today!

It’s finally here!

My brand new Monochrome Echo album Matrix Rebooting is officially out now!

This is my third full length electronic album. I started working on these tracks pretty much as soon as my previous album Nobody Is Looking At You was released last year. Once again it is entirely produced by me and the artwork is by the awesomely talented stratego.nine, who also did the artwork for the last record.

I’ve been running series of giveaways on my Monochrome Echo Twitter and Facebook pages over the last week offering free download codes for some of my back catalogue so hopefully some of you managed to snag a free album or EP in the run-up to the big release.

Matrix Rebooting is available for purchase or streaming at all the usual places worldwide. Obviously the best place to buy it is from Bandcamp where you can download the album in whatever high quality format you desire. The added bonus being that you can buy the full discography which now consists of three albums and three EPs with a 25% discount. So just over twenty quid for the lot.

Not to be sniffed at…

I really hope you enjoy the album (and indeed all the other albums) and don’t forget to share links on your social media to help spread the word. Those of you that use Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal (does anyone actually use Tidal??) or any of the other streaming sites; please follow Monochrome Echo and add your favourite songs to your playlists; it really does help spread the word and crack those pesky algorithms so other people might actually find my music without me telling them about it myself!

So without further ado, here’s the new album!!

Jun 7 2019

Office Politics Out Today!

It’s official folks. The new album by The Divine Comedy Office Politics is out today!

I’m presuming you’ve all got your copies already. You have? Excellent.

The first single Queuejumper was released back in April with this rather excellent video.

This was followed by Norman & Norma last week and now the album is finally here!

We had a great time making this record and I think you’re gonna love it. We had our pre-release show at Prizm in Kingston on Wednesday and the new songs sounded great. We also did an acoustic session on Chris Evans’ Virgin Radio show last Friday which I think you can still hear if you go to the Virgin Radio website. Don’t hang about though, it won’t be there for long. In case you missed it, here’s us playing Norman & Norma.

There’ll be a big European tour in the Autumn. The dates are all up on the Divine Comedy website. It’s gonna be a blast. Hopefully we’ll see you there and in the meantime enjoy Office Politics 😉