May 1 2020

It’s Bandcamp Friday!!!

Hello folks

Hope you are all safe and well.

As many of you are probably already aware, today Bandcamp are once again waiving their usual fees for 24 hours to help support artists during this worrying time. We are lovingly referring to this as Bandcamp Friday!

On March 20th Bandcamp made the decision to waive their fees for the first ever Bandcamp Friday and music lovers around the world spent over $4.3 million on music and merch in one day; directly supporting artists and almost breaking the internet at the same time.

Today Bandcamp are repeating this brilliant gesture and have committed to doing the same on the first Friday of the month for at least the next three months. Yet another reason we love Bandcamp and continue to support them. It really is the best place to buy your music.

Now for the hard sell…

Since the last Bandcamp Friday I have released two new albums!! Yes you heard that right; not one, but two new albums!!

As my electronic solo alter-ego Monochrome Echo I released a collection of ambient works composed and recorded over the last six months over a two album set; The Forgetting and Timelapse.

Both of these releases are exclusively on Bandcamp. So if you haven’t got your copies yet today would be a particularly welcome time to top up your Monochrome Echo collection. I’m also offering 35% off the full back catalogue when you buy the full set.

I’ve already bought a few albums today safe in the knowledge that every penny I spend is going directly to the artists I love. It’s an excellent time to clear out that expanding wishlist!

So please do head over to and have a listen for yourself. And big thanks to everybody that already bought the albums and EPs. I’m very lucky to have some very dedicated supporters and it means a lot that people are out there enjoying this music.

Happy listening and happy Bandcamp Day!!


Jul 19 2019

New Monochrome Echo album Matrix Rebooting out today!

It’s finally here!

My brand new Monochrome Echo album Matrix Rebooting is officially out now!

This is my third full length electronic album. I started working on these tracks pretty much as soon as my previous album Nobody Is Looking At You was released last year. Once again it is entirely produced by me and the artwork is by the awesomely talented stratego.nine, who also did the artwork for the last record.

I’ve been running series of giveaways on my Monochrome Echo Twitter and Facebook pages over the last week offering free download codes for some of my back catalogue so hopefully some of you managed to snag a free album or EP in the run-up to the big release.

Matrix Rebooting is available for purchase or streaming at all the usual places worldwide. Obviously the best place to buy it is from Bandcamp where you can download the album in whatever high quality format you desire. The added bonus being that you can buy the full discography which now consists of three albums and three EPs with a 25% discount. So just over twenty quid for the lot.

Not to be sniffed at…

I really hope you enjoy the album (and indeed all the other albums) and don’t forget to share links on your social media to help spread the word. Those of you that use Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal (does anyone actually use Tidal??) or any of the other streaming sites; please follow Monochrome Echo and add your favourite songs to your playlists; it really does help spread the word and crack those pesky algorithms so other people might actually find my music without me telling them about it myself!

So without further ado, here’s the new album!!

Jul 6 2018

New Monochrome Echo Album Out Now!

Hello folks,

For those of you that haven’t spotted it yet, I’ve been producing electronic music under the name Monochrome Echo for a few years now.

Today I’m releasing my second full-length album Nobody Is Looking At You worldwide and I need your support! It’s a collection of 14 tracks I’ve been working on over the last year or so. Jason Rebello guests on one track and the artwork is by the excellent artist StrateGo.Nine. Ta-da!

Big thanks to those of you that preordered the album on my Bandcamp page! The album is now also available to buy and/or stream in all digital stores worldwide including all the usual suspects (iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Tidal etc). Personally I’d go to Bandcamp for the HD version. Plus you can also buy my full discography on bandcamp with a nifty 25% discount (£18.75 for the lot). Not to be sniffed at folks…

So, if you haven’t already, now’s the time to follow Monochrome Echo on Spotify, Twitter and Facebook.

After you’ve gone and bought the record obviously.

It’d also be an excellent time to add a few Monochrome Echo tracks to your electronic music playlists on Spotify. I’d start with Dot Matrix, Master Control Program and Look Both Ways (feat. Jason Rebello). They’re my favourites anyway. Spotify seems to have changed it’s discovery algorithm and forgotten what I sound like.

But most importantly it’s time to spread the word! You will know better than me who amongst your friends will be into my stuff. Please tell them about the record and share my links and posts on your Twitter feed, Facebook etc. It makes a big difference.

Anyway, without further ado, here’s the new album and I hope you like it!

Tell your mates!!