Aug 24 2011

New Pugwash Album Out Now!!

Hello folks,

The big news this week is that the excellent Dublin-based band and good friends of mine Pugwash have just released their new album The Olympus Sound on 1969 records…

If you’re not familiar with Pugwash, they are most probably the best band you’ve never heard of. This is their fifth studio album to date, following up their Giddy compilation which came out last year here in the UK. I can also heartily recommend all of their back catalogue; especially 2005’s Jollity and 2008’s Eleven Modern Antiquities. They are purveyors of the finest classic pop you’re likely to find these days; heavily influenced by ELO, The Beach Boys and The Beatles their sound is full of lush harmonies, chiming guitars and some of the most catchy choruses imaginable. Pugwash is fronted by the awesome Thomas Walshe and featuring Tosh Flood on guitar, both from The Duckworth Lewis Method.

Anyway, you need to own this album folks. You can preview the album over on Spotify if you like. I’ve just ordered my copy from Am excitedly checking the post every morning… Can’t wait!!!

ps. Obviously, don’t forget to buy my latest album too 😉