Apr 30 2011

Rejectamenta EP Released Today!!

Good morning everybody,

Hope you all enjoyed the Royal Wedding. It served as the ideal prelude to the big news of this weekend… The long-awaited release of my Rejectamenta EP. Oh yes indeed folks; the time has come.

This is a collection of five tracks that didn’t quite fit onto the forthcoming album The Knowledge of Things To Come, which I’m looking at releasing around June/July. Rejectamenta serves as a little teaser for you. It’ll give you some idea of what to expect from the new record.

Rejectamenta is exclusively available from my Bandcamp page (It’s right next to Mandala, if you haven’t bought the CD yet…). You can stream the whole album from there if you fancy having a listen…

It’s available on a ‘pay what you want’ basis. You can have it for free if you like. Or you can pay what you feel it is worth to you as a listener. If you want a guide, 50p per track is a good starting point on a lot of download sites..  Anything you do pay goes towards me making new music 🙂

I really hope you like the EP. I’m really excited about the album and the new direction the music is taking…

Click the Music tab and you’ll be right there 😉


Apr 12 2011

New Solo EP News & Artwork Preview

Hello folks,

Well the time has come to start releasing new music once more. As you already know I’ve been toiling away on a bunch of new solo bass material here at Little Towers, trying to put together a new album to follow Mandala. As I mentioned in a previous post a couple of weeks ago, the intention was to put out a 10-track album plus a four track EP including the songs that didn’t quite fit on the record.

Well I’ve sorted the track listing for both the album (which is currently going under the title The Knowledge of Things To Come) and the EP and they both work a treat. Today I’ve been speaking to Steve Alexander (of Little Alex), who has agreed to master the EP sometime over the next week so you can expect a release announcement very soon.

This probably won’t mean much at this stage, but here’s the track listing for the Rejectamenta EP:

  • feel for a pulse
  • must get out [more]
  • the rhythmatist
  • lullabye

This will be the first release I’ve put out using my new Line 6/Looperlative setup, so I’m really excited to see what you all think of the new sounds I’m using. The music is quite different from Mandala, and sounds even less like a solo bass record. I’ve included some of the more ‘glitchy’ tracks from the sessions on the EP so you should get a good feel for what the forthcoming album will sound like. I’m going to release it exclusively via Bandcamp as a download only, using the ‘Pay What You Want’ model, ie; you can pay what you feel the music is worth to you as a listener (including for free). This is an experiment on my part really to see how that model works for niche music like mine and I’ll be blogging the results nearer the time of the album release, which should be in a few months time.

So, I shall leave you for now with a little album artwork preview. I put the cover together myself this time using the excellent free Gimp image-manipulation software, which I would heartily recommend to anyone currently engaged in such activities without the aid of a Photoshop-style safety net.

Until next time…