Aug 9 2017

Ethereal Beats Sample Pack Out Now & Contest News

So by now you all know that I’m producing electronic music under the name Monochrome Echo. So far I’ve put out two EPs and most recently my first full-length album, I Remember My Dreams.

Incidentally, the awesome Wizard of Loneliness in the US has just put out a very limited cassette run of my album. There are only 50 copies of this so if you want one you’d better head over to his Bandcamp page and snap one up before they all go.

Just after the album came out I was approached by Touch Loops, a London-based company that produces boutique loop and sample packs. They’d heard the record and asked me to produce my own sample pack referencing both my own music and similar artists like Shigeto and Tycho. I was a big fan of their sample collections so it was a no brainer to get involved. I headed back into studio corner for a few weeks…

My Touch Loops pack Ethereal Beats was released a few weeks ago. You can check out the demo below. I’m really pleased with how it came out.

Here’s the blurb from Touch Loops:

Ethereal Beats is an exploration into the stunning, enchanting world of organic electronica & Hip-Hop.  With references as far and wide as Flying Lotus, Shigeto & Tycho this eclectic sample collection will instantly become your new go-to for stunning sounds, endless inspiration and incredible musicianship.  

Performed and designed by the incredibly talented artist Monochrome Echo, this beautiful collection of processed acoustic loops & samples showcases perfectly the work of a musician who has mastered his craft.  From glistening guitar loops to processed analogue bass lines, evolving arpeggios to manipulated live drums and pianos this truly inspiring collection is just asking to be twisted, manipulated and embraced.  Sounds wonder and stray from usual providing an off kilter palette that’ll form the perfect foundation for your next stunning composition.  

As well as the usual drum one shots we’ve also included a collection of instrument hits that are perfect for dropping into your sampler of choice ensuring the most flexibility from this bespoke sample pack.  Whether you produce Hip-Hop, beats, electronica or are looking for something that little bit different this collection guarantees to offer everything your sample collection has been crying out for. 


Size: 969.7Mb
Loops: 215
Ones: 104

It is available direct from Touch Loops, plus many of the big sample pack retailers online, priced at a very reasonable £24.00.

Since it’s release Touch Loops have teamed up with in the states (who released my first EP 64 Souls) to host a remix contest featuring Ethereal Beats. You can win a copy of the pack, plus all of Touch Loops’ June releases and Geist 2 by Expansion. It’s open to producers worldwide so head over to the enter. Apparently I get to be one of the judges. Excellent.


May 16 2016

Monochrome Echo 64 Souls EP Out Now

Okay so some of you are probably wondering what/who the hell Monochrome Echo is, right?

Just over a year ago I decided to start a new project producing electronic music. I put together a little studio setup centred around Ableton. I wanted to separate this project from any previous/ongoing solo projects and so came up with the name Monochrome Echo. There’s a Facebook page, you can follow me on Soundcloud and Twitter as Monochrome Echo too.

Quite early on I started posting some tracks on the collaborative music site, as well as submitting entries to some of their remix and production challenges. Blend has been fantastic for learning new skills and making new contacts. Some of my best tracks have been collaborations with other musicians and producers from all around the world. I highly recommend you take look if you’re into making electronic music.

A couple of months ago Blend contacted me about the possibility of releasing an EP of my music on their label. So I set to work…

64 Souls Blend Cover

I chose three tracks from my Blend page and three additional tracks I had been working on and the 64 Souls EP was born. 64 Souls was officially released on Friday 13th on Blend Records and is now available via all digital platforms including iTunes and Beatport. It’s also on Spotify if you’re the streaming type.

I hope you like the new direction. I have a stack of music waiting to be released so watch this space for news of further offerings. Better still, like the Facebook page and follow me on Twitter. Monochrome Echo just getting started…